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Notary Jail Visits 
ways for an inmate to have something notarized:
  •  An inmate family member can coordinate the hiring of an outside Notary. Family member calls the Notary, exchanges documents and specific instructions regarding documents to be signed, payment form etc. Then the Notary goes to the jail has the inmate sign the document and notarizes the documents and contacts hiring party to finalize the assignment. 
  • If the inmate has possession of the documents he/she can put a request in to their counselor to set up a notary appointment.
Call me I can facilitate a Notary Jail Visit  

Legal Documents
Estate Planning, Power of Attorney, Wills, Structured Settlements, Guardianship, Divorce Papers, Trusts

General NotaryService
Notarized Letters
Consent to travel 
Domestic Partnership
Notes, Contracts, Sworn Statements, Affidavits 
Deeds, Court Documents
Auto Title Notary Services 
​Dealerships, Title loan companies, & DMV forms.  Receive Documents
Print, Transport, Present for Signature & Notarization. 
Hospital Notary 
Advanced Health Care Directive , Living Will & Power of Attorney for Health Care
Uniform Statutory Power of Attorney  Will (California Statutory Will Form)

Real Estate Notary Loan Signings
  • Refinance
  • New Construction
  • Remote Loan Signings
  • ​RESPA Application Signings
  • Mail Away Document, Reverse Mortgage, HELOC, Purchase, Sellers Side, Loan Modifications, Split, Trust & Attorney In Fact 

I’d like to introduce my translation service to you 
√ My services could be helpful to you and your clients because of the convenience & quick turnaround my service offers to your clients whom need fast results 
√ If you need to email documents via secured email or ship them directly to me, I’ll be glad to accommodate this request. If you require documents to be returned to your office for additional processing after they are notarized, fax or scan backs to your office isn’t a problem.
Types of Translation
 Vital Records: birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, judgments, decrees, adoption documents, police certificates, passports, military and employment records, doctor's progress notes & lab results. 
Academic Records: school, college, and university diplomas (undergraduate and graduate degrees), transcripts, thesis, scientific publications, CV, etc.
I’ve been in business since 2008 & have translated documents for Military Recruiters, Doctors, & Individuals for Immigration Purposes